{Stay the Path} Favorite Running Gear


I’ve had a few requests for recommendations on comfortable running gear. Having tried several brands of clothing the past few years, I have definitely settled on some favorite items that I wear over and over again.

I find a lot on Amazon, and what I don’t find there, I pick up at our local Dicks Sporting Goods. I usually try to wait until an item I want goes on sale, because you’ll find that the CALIA clothing line tends to be a tad expensive. Both the tanks I listed below are on sale right now!

CALIA Mesh Pocket Capris

Yes, these leggings are pricey, but I seriously wear them for almost every single run. They hold everything in where I need the support, they are comfortable and they breath. They’re worth every penny I spent.


CALIA Stay the Path Tank


It’s obvious why I bought this tank, but it’s seriously super light and comfortable. I wear it for running or just lounging around the house. It’s on sale!


CALIA Move Seamless Tank Top

This was one of the first CALIA items I purchased over a year ago, and I love it. It’s comfortable and flattering. Also on sale!


Under Armour Play Up Shorts

I’ve gotten the question about shorts a lot. The thigh chaffing struggle is real, so it’s hard to find comfortable shorts that cover. I have several pairs of these shorts and have never had any issues. They are long enough to cover and prevent chaffing, they fit well and are very comfortable. Another item that I don’t just wear for running – they are lounge/pajama shorts some nights!


Run Now, Wine Later Tank

I wear this tank the most. πŸ˜‰ It’s comfy and I love it. Thank you, Amazon.


Under Armour Strappy


I hate spending money on sports bras, but every once in awhile I’ll find a good one on sale. I LOVE this bra. It’s padded, it’s comfortable, and I love the strappy detail. And it’s affordable.


NIKE Air Zoom Structure

These are my shoes. I have flat feet and knee problems, so I had to find the shoe that would give me the best support. I’ve gone through 6 pairs of these exact same shoes (different colors), since I began running. I love them!

Yes, running shoes are expensive. But your shoes are the most important investment when you’re a runner. You need to have proper support, and you want shoes that will last. With the mileage I put on my shoes, they don’t last more than 5 months, if I’m lucky. But I always replace them as soon as I start to feel like they aren’t doing the job anymore.

I highly recommend going to a specialty shoe store and being fitted for shoes. They will have you try on different brands so you can find the ones that work best for you. There’s such a large variety to choose from, so I definitely recommend trying on different brands. This specific style of Nike is what works for me, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Once I was fitted at the running store, I started ordering the shoes on Amazon to save money.

Flip Belt

I go to the park to run most days, and I hate having to carry my keys during my run. I also hated having my giant smart phone strapped to my arm when I’m running – I don’t listen to music*, so I had no reason to have it on my arm other than to sync my GPS watch to it.

A friend of mine recommended the Flip Belt, and I LOVE it. I clip my car key to it, and put it in a pocket. I put my phone in the other pocket. And my hands are free! I feel like I can concentrate on my run without worrying about dropping something. Or have my phone weighing down my arm. This is the best running accessory!

*No, I don’t listen to music when I run outside. Only when I run on the treadmill. I prefer the quiet when I run – the time to clear my head. πŸ™‚


And there you have it. All of my favorite items for running/working out. Once I find something I like, I tend to buy the same stuff over and over, as long as the quality continues to hold up. If you have any questions or have any recommendations for me, please let me know!

6 thoughts on “{Stay the Path} Favorite Running Gear

  1. Michelle says:

    That bra is too cute (for a sports bra)! I have a Calia sports bra that I love, although I am not certain it would be good for running. I do love that clothing line though. Such cute silhouettes for exercising!

  2. Rachel @The Readers Den says:

    I love all your fitness gear picks, Brandie! I had to do some experimenting with shorts before I found the perfect pair for me. I love the Under Armour Launch Tulip Shorts. No chaffing and a hidden pocket for my car key. I also love The Gap Fit tops and buy them when there’s a 40% off sale. Lulu lemon has a sports bra I buy that’s not cheap, but it’s works for me. I’ll have to check out the Calia line. The purple tank top is really cute! I think my favorite tank is the the “run now wine later” Lol! I’m all for that! Great post! πŸ™‚

    • Brandie says:

      I need to check into those Tulip Shorts. I didn’t even think to look at Gap! I haven’t shopped there in 20 years – I’ll have to check it out. Thanks! CALIA has super comfortable and flattering stuff.

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