{More Fall Fun} Q&A

I saw this fun post, hosted by The Blended Blog, and decided to join in!


  1. Favorite Fall Sweet Treat: My mom’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They are the only pumpkin flavored thing I like.
  2. Red, Yellow, or Green Apples: I’m not a big apple eater, but always red.
  3. Favorite Fall Sport to Play: I’m a runner – I consider it a sport, and I LOVE to run outside in the fall.
  4. Best Drink for Fall: Hot Coffee. All the coffee.
  5. Favorite Fall Activity: Watching football, decorating for Halloween/fall, running outside, having fires.
  6. Must Have Fall Purchase: I’m going #basic and saying boots. I love getting out my boots this time of year.
  7. Pumpkins – Pick your own or store-bought: Store bought, only because I like to decorate my house with them. We plan to take our daughter to a pumpkin patch where she’ll get to pick one out, too.
  8. Real or Fake Pumpkin: Both. I decorate with both and we carve a few closer to Halloween.
  9. Favorite Halloween Costume: Witches. And I’m so excited that my daughter decided she wants to dress up like a witch this year.
  10. College Football or NFL: NFL. Go Steelers!
  11. Fall or Halloween Decor: Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday, so I decorate for it by the end of September and leave it up until the day after Halloween. Then I’ll swap it all out for some fall/Thanksgiving decor.
  12. Raking Leaves or No Leaves to Rake: We have lots of leaves. But we also have a leaf blower, so there’s no need to rake!
  13. Favorite Soup: Italian Wedding Soup
  14. Favorite Fall Candle Scent: Apple Cinnamon
  15. Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice: I’m in the minority – not a fan at all.
  16. Short Booties or Tall Boots: I have a few pairs of tall boots, but my go-to is usually booties.
  17. Favorite Halloween Candy: Not a big candy person, but Reese’s PB Cups or Skittles are what I’d go for.
  18. PSL, Yes or No: Nope
  19. Hayride or Corn Maze: Corn Maze
  20. Favorite Fall TV Show: This Is Us


Join in on the fun with me!

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