{Friday Five} 10-20-17


{This Week in Books}


I’m still working on Sleeping Beauties, but I am really enjoying it. Took me about 150 pages, but now I’m hooked!

I finished The Great Alone, and it was Kristin Hannah at her finest. Very emotional read.

I’m participating in the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon tomorrow, so I’m hoping to read a lot this weekend!


{Stay the Path}

We went from tank tops/shorts weather to long sleeves and gloves pretty much overnight. But I am not complaining – I love this weather! It was 40 degrees the few mornings that I got to the park for my run…and there was me with my ear warmers, gloves and scarf. 😉

For whatever reason, my steps are a lot higher this week – 15,000+ most days. Not much is different from my weekly routine, although I did get 20,000 steps on Saturday (birthday party day – was on my feet pretty much all day), which was the first in a long time.


{On a Personal Note}

We had family pictures taken on Wednesday evening, and I can’t wait to see them! A friend of mine is starting her own photography business, so we offered to be her test subjects. We met at a local lake/park and the weather was perfect. I hope she gives us a sneak peak soon – I’m dying to see them!

Yesterday was the Fall Party in my daughter’s classroom. I love being able to be there for the holiday parties, although this year they are limiting the number of parents in the classrooms. I’m only ‘allowed’ to attend one party and was assigned the fall one. I don’t know how I feel about that – I opted not to be the room mom again this year, and now I’m wishing I’d jumped on it, because the room mom gets to be there for all the parties.

Today is a no school day for my daughter (teacher meeting), so I am taking her and her friend to see the new My Little Pony movie. I think it’s great that something I loved as a kid is now something my daughter loves.


 {Get in my Closet}

I may look like I’m put together most of the time, but I have zero fashion sense whatsoever and rely heavily on Pinterest and fashion blogs for help. I’m the person who’s constantly looking up ‘does this shirt match these pants’, and I’m always looking up outfits based on the season. I used Pinterest to find ideas for our family photos earlier this week. I had NO clue what to wear! Seriously, what did we do before Pinterest?!

I have a few favorite fashion blogs that I follow (on Intagram and Bloglovin) that I thought I’d share with you. What I love most is it’s affordable style (for the most part), and sometimes I’ll get lucky and have a similar item already in my closet and learn a new way to wear it!

Mrs Casual

The Fashionista’s Diary

Guise of the Villain

Vilma Iris

Loving Londyn


{So Random}

Anyone else’s child obsessed with watching Cookie Swirl C? Just mine? 😀



6 thoughts on “{Friday Five} 10-20-17

  1. StephTheBookworm says:

    I have zero fashion sense too. It’s awful. I don’t know how to accessorize and am pretty boring. My standard work ensemble is basically leggings with a dress or tunic. I’ll very occasionally add a scarf or necklace if I’m feeling wild and stylish that day lol.

  2. Michelle says:

    Have you heard about the app Stylebook? You take pics of your clothes and can mix and match outfits via the app. It also keeps track of every outfit you select, when you wear it, and you can keep notes about what works and what doesn’t. They are touting it like what Cher uses to put together her outfits in the movie Clueless. I downloaded it, but the idea of photographing every item in my closet overwhelms me. If you have a small wardrobe, it might be the way to go.

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