{Friday Five} 11-17-17


{This Week in Books}

I finished a holiday-themed book this week, and it put me in a more festive mood. I only like to read Christmas books around this time of year – I just can’t read them any other time or it’s weird to me. Anyone else? After I finished it, I had no clue what I was in the mood to read next. And I haven’t had to pick anything, yet, because I’ve been falling asleep on the couch at 9pm the past two nights. ๐Ÿ˜€

In some exciting book news, Amy Harmon, one of my favorite authors, announced her upcoming book – The Smallest Part. She is one of my auto-buy authors, and I can’t wait for this one! I was also super excited to win one of her giveaways on Instagram this week! This awesome mug.


{Stay the Path}

I had to scale back my running this week by a day, because my hamstring is acting up. Plus, my schedule was thrown off a little, and I only got to the park one day. And really, that was okay, because it’s freezing out. I don’t mind my treadmill this time of year, as long as I can get outside once or twice a week.

Finding comfortable cold weather clothing to run in, that isn’t bulky and feels like it’s choking me, is a challenge. I finally found a really comfortable jacket that is lightweight, but warm. And it doesn’t bother my neck. They don’t sell the exact same one I have anymore, but this is a similar one.

CALIA Core Fitness Jacket


{On a Personal Note}

Ya know how I said we were having some electrical work done on our house Monday (so we could hang up lights this year)? Well, my husband wanted to get Christmas lights that night and put them up. Once he gets something in his mind, there’s no stopping him. He had them up so he could surprise Sunnie when she got home from dance class. And surprised she was – proven by all the screaming in the car.


I am OCD. I admit it, and I own it. And a few times a year, I get the urge to purge. I hate clutter, and I hate holding on to stuff that we never use. Periodically I make a trip to Goodwill to get rid of stuff, and I made another trip this week after spending a few hours purging my daughter’s playroom (which is the upstairs room in our house) and bedroom. 5 trash bags later her rooms were organized with a lot less clutter. I try to keep all of her bigger toys in her playroom so her bedroom isn’t as cramped. But sometimes toys make their way downstairs and after a few months we have move stuff back up.

I find it extremely therapeutic to clean and get rid of stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€


ย {Get in my Closet}

If you have been a fan of Lularoe for awhile, you’re familiar with the fact that getting your hands on solid black leggings are nearly impossible. They are the unicorn of Lularoe. I was fortunate to get a pair of them in the early days before the brand became so popular. And I wear the crap out of them. They are a few years old now, but are holding up well.

One of the fashion bloggers I follow posted about her favorite black leggings, and that she gets them on Amazon for $10.99. For that price, I decided to order a pair and see how they compare to Lularoe.

I love them! They fit perfectly, they wash well, and they’re only $11!! The only small issue I have is they are very high-waisted, and I do have to roll them down twice, otherwise it’s a little uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I like having support for my stomach, but I don’t like my pants all the way up to my chest. ๐Ÿ˜€

Viv Collection Solid Leggings


I’ve been looking for an over-sized gray cardigan for awhile, but hadn’t found anything I liked that was a reasonable price. You know how Amazon shows you a ribbon of ‘things you may like’ whenever you’re on their website? It’s like they KNOW me. Lol. They should, as often as I’m on their site. Anyway, they recommended this cardigan, and I love it! So warm and comfortable. I wore it all weekend long.

Imily Bela Oversized Long Sleeve Shawl Collared Open Front Sweater Chunky Cardigan


{So Random}

I’ve been going on and on about Taylor Swift‘s new album, Reputation, ย all week, and I don’t even care. It is awesome. Some of my favorites are End Game, Don’t Blame Me, Delicate, King of My Heart, This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, and Call It What You Want. I watched her SNL performances, but not live, because who can stay up that late? ย She continues to put up her middle finger to all the haters, and I love her for it.


18 thoughts on “{Friday Five} 11-17-17

  1. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog says:

    Congrats on the IG giveaway!! I am excited for new Amy Harmon. Yay for Christmas lights. Our electric on the outside can’t be used so I am on the hunt for some decorations that are battery powered. I love that cardigan. It is on my wishlist now. Have a great weekend!

  2. Jade @ Reading With Jade says:

    I love a good declutter, and Alexander’s room gets it the most – the stuff just accumulates so easily! The new cardigan looks amazing and so cosy; I wouldn’t want to take it off. Haha! The Christmas lights looks great!

    A lovely weekend to you & your little family!

  3. Michelle says:

    That mug is perfect for you; congratulations!

    I need a good purge. I just want to move everything out of my house and start over again. But I need time to do that, and that is one thing I just don’t have. Cleaning is therapeutic! It is a way to take back control in your life. Plus, it is one of the few things we do that provides you with concrete rewards. There is nothing better than a freshly cleaned and well-organized house.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. pennma05 says:

    Love the Christmas lights! So cute! And that sweater looks so cozy! I have been in such a mood to declutter but most of our stuff is still packed away in boxes. I wonder if my parents will notice if I start decluttering their stuff haha!

  5. Jasprit (@jaskaur11) says:

    Aww I’m sorry about your hamstring Brandie, I remember when I had shin splints and I didn’t feel like doing anything at all! And I’m glad you’re able to get comfy and workout clothes for a bargain, I’m the fussiest when it comes to workout wear, as I only shop at H & M, so I’ll have to have a look around soon! I hope you have a great week Brandie!

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