Tell Me Something Tuesday {8}

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QUESTION:  How do you beat the winter blues?

Living in Ohio, winter can be a struggle. I only enjoy the snow around Christmas, and then I’m over it. There are some things I love about winter – cozy sweaters, leggings, scarves and boots, using our fireplace most evenings – but I could do without the freezing temps and shorter days. By February, I’m craving some serious sunshine. Our weather can be so bizarre – it was in the high 50’s yesterday – and today it’s dropping back down to the 30’s and supposed to snow.

I’m a big believer in self-care and think it’s especially important during the winter, when we find ourselves cooped up at home. For someone who would rather stay home than go out, I still find ways to beat the winter blues.


Running/Being Active – Probably the one thing I’d recommend the most is exercise. Even though it’s tougher to find the motivation during the winter, I am always glad I worked out when I’m done. My treadmill and I spend a lot of time together during these colder months.

Reading – Escaping into another world through books – my favorite pastime all year long. 🙂

Treat Yourself – Whether it’s a trip to the bookstore or library, meeting a friend for lunch, a treat from Starbucks or Dunkin, getting a manicure or pedicure – anything to improve your mood!

Get Out of the House – My husband and I have periodic date nights, we go out to dinner as a family, I take Sunnie to the movies – anything to get out of the house. Even quick trips to Target are helpful, although not so good for my bank account. 😀 This time of year dance competition practices start to increase, so Sunnie is very busy during the week/weekends – more than we are!

Healthy Eating – This is one I struggle with, especially around the holidays, but once the new year hits, I try really hard to focus on my eating habits. When I’m eating well, I feel so much better.


What do you do to beat the winter blues?



8 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday {8}

  1. Karen (@teamsheltie) says:

    I love winter clothes so I get excited when I get to wear my sweaters (it’s FL so not often lol) and yes (responding to your comment on my blog) I do get the reverse – summer blues. I hibernate and get super cranky in July/August.

    I’m originally from up north though and always go the winter blues around Feb/March.

    For What It’s Worth

  2. CJR The Brit says:

    I love jumper season! Where I live we don’t really have snow (haven’t seen any for 5 years!)

    I find January is always a blah month after the excitement of Christmas. 😭

    I tend to read more in the winter months….which I love, but my bank balance doesn’t!!!!

  3. loribpalmer says:

    Yes! I love the treat yourself suggestion! I need to do more of that! Love all your tips. I always read books set in warm places during the winter “beach read” type books so I can dream of warmth!

  4. amandalynn9204 says:

    I’m in Michigan so it’s exactly the same with the winter blues! I wish it would just stay in the 50’s instead of going up and down all the time.

    I’m sooooo ready for some sunshine!

  5. Michelle says:

    I don’t get out of the house. That’s my go-to method for beating the winter blues. I surround myself with plush blankets, fuzzy slippers, and books and love every minute of it. I can appreciate the beauty of the season from one of many windows. I’m not an outdoor girl anyway, so winter gives me a great excuse to indulge without feeling guilty!

  6. Rebecca Jo says:

    I need to do more of the treat myself to good things. Heck, I’m easy to please… I can just walk in a book store or browse a library for hours & I’ll be happy

  7. Renee (Itsbooktalk) says:

    I’m in the Ohio weather boat with you and it really helps me to take several walks a week outside in the woods. Especially if it’s sunny, I have to get out in fresh air most days of the week. It helps that I have a lab because he lives for the snow and stalks me until I get my park clothes on. And I take 8000 IU of Vitamin D during the winter:)

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