Valentine’s Day Recommendations


I love reading romance, especially when they give me all the feels and leave me smiling like an idiot. There’s no better time of year to pick up a good romance novel than around Valentine’s Day. I’ve been finding myself in the mood for romance books the past few days, so I decided to share some of my recommendations for the perfect romantic read. You have seen me mention several of these authors before, because they are my go-to when I’m in a romantic mood.

I’m also including a few that are on my TBR that I hope to read soon.

Click on the images to be taken to Goodreads.


I’ve read several of this author’s books and have loved them all. This stand alone series is my favorite. Slow burn romances with character build and fantastic friendships.


This book gets all the hype and rightfully so. Read it. I swear it’s worth it.



Kristan Higgins wrote my two favorite books of 2017. More slow burn romances (can you tell they’re my favorite?), with outstanding characters. I can’t tell you how much I loved these two books.



I grouped these two together, because they are similar in how they made me feel when I read them. Two of my absolute favorite romances. Ignore the horrible cover of The Sweet Gum Tree and trust me.



Sylvain Reynard writes romance like no other.  I know when I pick up one of his books that I won’t be disappointed.



You couldn’t possibly think CoHo wouldn’t make my list, right!? All of her books have romance in them, and I recommend reading every single one. These are just 3 of my favorites.



In the past year, I discovered Amy Harmon’s books, and she has quickly become one of my top favorite authors. She writes beautiful stories of love, and these are just two of my favorites.



R.S. Grey is the best when it comes to romantic comedy.






Have you read any of these? What did you think? What are some of your favorite go-to romance authors?




10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Recommendations

  1. pennma05 says:

    Great list! Can never have too much romance in your life lol. Love your CoHo picks. Those are my three favorites too. I have a few Amy Harmon books on my Kindle that I really need to get around to at some point since you love her books so much.

  2. Jade @ Reading With Jade says:

    Some new to me titles here, and a couple of authors I’ve had my eye on for a while… I always say I’ll pick up a romance in February but sadly rarely do as I find romance novels so hard to get into, but using this list for inspiration I think I’ll see about getting a couple of out of the library.

    Thanks for sharing!

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