{TBB Asks} November – Giving Thanks Edition

More TBB Asks fun!

  1. Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? I have one now, but I’m really bad about remembering to write in it every day.
  2. Hosting Thanksgiving at your house? No, not this year. We host my parents every other year. This year we go to my in-laws.
  3. Favorite food for Thanksgiving meal? Homemade apple & raisin stuffing.
  4. What one thing in Nature are you grateful for? I love running at the park in the fall and seeing the trees changing beautiful colors.
  5. Pumpkin Pie? I’m not a big fan. I might have one small piece but I have to eat it with whipped cream.
  6. Traditional Cookbook? I use Pinterest for all of my recipes, except for Thanksgiving dinner. I have notes from my mom and make the exact meal I had every Thanksgiving growing up. It is my favorite meal of the year (every other year).
  7. Oven-baked or Deep-fried Turkey? Oven
  8. Thanksgiving leftovers? Of course! They are the best leftovers!! We usually eat dinner at 1:00 and the best part is reheating leftovers to eat later that night. And again for lunch the next day.
  9. What is one household product you are most grateful for? Another interesting question…I am going to say my vacuum. Lol. I have a Shark that I love and use daily. #neatfreakalert
  10. Are you most grateful for home-cooked meals or restaurant meals? Definitely home-cooked. We eat at home most of the time and I definitely prefer that to going out.

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