{WWW Wednesday} 4-10-19

W… W… W… Wednesday, hosted by Taking on a World of Worlds is a weekly meme showcasing what you just finished reading, what you are currently reading, and what you plan to start reading next. Except I’m changing it up a bit, since I can never plan what I’m reading next (moody reader). Instead I’m going to talk about a book I’ve recently added to my TBR that I’m excited about!


what i recently finished reading

Recursion was good, but not great. The middle of the book really bored me, and I had to push through just to finish.

Since We Fell was so good! I loved the audio version.

I listened to The Book of Essie, and enjoyed it, for the most part.



I just wasn’t in the mood for this book right now. I plan to pick it back up in the future.


what i’m Currently Reading

After starting about 6 other books, I finally settled on A Woman Is No Man. I have been having serious book ADD the past week, but I think this one is holding my attention.

Listening to The Hiding Place on audio, and it’s okay so far.


what i have recently added to my tbr

Tarryn Fisher revealed the cover of her upcoming book – I can’t wait to read it!




I loved The Baby-Sitters Club when I was a kid. 😀


Reading anything good this week?

11 thoughts on “{WWW Wednesday} 4-10-19

  1. ashley @ socially awkward bookworm says:

    Ahhh sucks that the middle of Recursion was boring! Guess I can lower my expectations now when I go into reading it. I really want to read Since We Fell. I may have to check out the audio version since you said you loved it. I really enjoyed The Book of Essie! I’ve kind of been feeling a little book ADD this week in a way, but that’s because there are so many books that I really want to read and my library holds are coming in for so many of them too. LOL so I have no clue what I want to read even though I know what I SHOULD be reading (AKA ARCs, haha). Happy to see that A Woman Is No Man is finally holding your attention though. The Wives cover is really cool!

  2. pennma05 says:

    I’m so glad to see you really liked Since We Fell. I need to read that soon lol. That sucks Recursion wasn’t that great. Definitely lowering my expectations on that one. I’m so glad you found a book that is holding your attention now! Also, I am DYING for The Wives! I need anything Tarryn Fisher.

  3. Rachel @Waves of Fiction says:

    I hate it when I have to push through a book. I’ll usually only do it if I’m curious to see how it all turned out. I’ll have to check out Since We Fell since you enjoyed it! 🙂

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