{WWW Wednesday} 10-23-19

W… W… W… Wednesday, hosted by Taking on a World of Worlds is a weekly meme showcasing what you just finished reading, what you are currently reading, and what you plan to start reading next. Except I’m changing it up a bit, since I can never plan what I’m reading next (moody reader). Instead I’m going to talk about a book I’ve recently added to my TBR that I’m excited about!


what i recently finished reading

I listened to The Rules of Magic and loved it. Alice Hoffman has quickly become a favorite author.

The Dutch House was fantastic! I alternated between reading it and listening to the audio version narrated by Tom Hanks. One of the best audio books I’ve ever listened to. I would love to read more books by Ann Patchett and need some recommendations on which one to read next!

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker was my favorite book of 2018. BUT, her books have always been hit or miss for me. Some I love, and others I really dislike. Unfortunately, Say You Still Love Me falls in the dislike category. I was really bored and didn’t care for the characters at all.


what i’m Currently Reading

I am finally in the mood to read some suspenseful books, just in time for Halloween! I usually love Tarryn Fisher’s books, and so far I’m enjoying The Wives.

I’m listening to The Grace Year on Libby, and it’s good. I like the narrator.


what i have recently added to my tbr

I love Amy Harmon and can’t wait for this book.






Reading anything good this week?

11 thoughts on “{WWW Wednesday} 10-23-19

  1. anovelglimpse says:

    I felt the same way about Say You Still Love Me. I thought the past made it boring for some reason. I’m excited and jealous you’re reading The Wives! It’s one of my most anticipated reads for December.

  2. Nadia says:

    Yay, I’m so glad you liked Patchett so much 🙂 Her books are so good! I have to admit to being partial to her memoirs more so than her fiction – Truth and Beauty is a favorite. And, I love This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage. I really did enjoy Commonwealth and State of Wonder (two of her fiction books). She’s a great writer, so I know whichever book you pick next you will love 🙂

  3. alilovesbooks says:

    I’ve been quite tempted by the Dutch House so am happy to hear you enjoyed it, I do like the sound of the audio so maybe that’s the way I should go. The only other book by Patchett I’ve read is Bel Canto, but I do remember really enjoying it (even though it was years ago).

    I wasn’t so sure about The Rules of Magic but it was possibly just that I wasn’t in the right mood for it (and it wasn’t what I was expecting).

  4. Rachel @Waves of Fiction says:

    I wouldn’t think twice about The Dutch House just by looking at the cover, but I’m intrigued hearing how much you loved it. I adore the hell outta Tom Hanks so that’s an extra push.

    I was hesitant after reading the description of Say You Still Love Me and now I’m happy I didn’t push the request button on it after hearing your reactions. I have to say that K.A. Tucker has been a hit and miss for me lately. I LOVED A Simple Wild like you did, though.

  5. joyousreads says:

    I loved The Grace Year! I meant to pick up Ann Patchett’s latest this weekend but i decided to pick up another book instead. Looks like another trip to the bookstore is probably in the offing.

    Happy reading!

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