Arlidge, MJ – Eeny Meeny

Ashley, Kristen – For You

Ashley, Kristen – Ride Steady

Attar, Leylah – The Paper Swan

Bolton, Sharon – Daisy in Chains

Bowen, Sarina – Bittersweet

Bowen, Sarina – Keepsake

Bowen, Sarina – Rookie Move

Bowen, Sarina – Steadfast

Brown, Sandra – Deadline

Brown, Sandra – Friction

Brown, Sandra – Mean Streak

Brown, Sandra – Sting

Buxbaum, Julie – Tell Me Three Things

Carr, Robyn – What We Find

Clarke Lucy – A Single Breath

Coben, Harlan – Fool Me Once

Coben, Harlan – Missing You

Crouch, Blake – Dark Matter

Crownover, Jay – Built

Dare, Tessa – Romancing the Duke

Dave, Laura – Eight Hundred Grapes

Ellison, J.T. – No One Knows

Fielding, Joy – Someone is Watching

Fisher, Tarryn – Bad Mommy

Fisher, Tarryn – F*ck Love

Fisher, Tarryn – Never Never

Fisher, Tarryn – Never Never Part Three

Fisher, Tarryn – Marrow

Florand, Laura – Snow-Kissed

Gardner, Lisa – Find Her

Giffin, Emily – The One & Only

Gray, Mila – Come Back to Me

Greenwood, Bryn – All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

Grey, R.S. – The Allure of Dean Harper

Grey, R.S. – The Allure of Julian Lefray

Griffin, Laura – At Close Range

Griffin, Laura – At the Edge

Griffin, Laura – Deep Dark

Griffin, Laura – Edge of Surrender

Griffin, Laura – Shadow Fall

Griffin, Laura – Whisper of Warning

Halle, Karina – Love, in English

Hannah, Kristin – The Nightingale

Harmon, Amy – A Different Blue

Harmon, Amy – From Sand and Ash

Harmon, Amy – Making Faces

Harmon, Amy – The Bird and the Sword

Hawkins, Paula – The Girl on the Train

Haynes, Elizabeth – Into the Darkest Corner

Heaberlin, Julia – Black-Eyed Susans

Higgins, Kristan – On Second Thought

Hoover, Colleen – All Your Perfects

Hoover, Colleen – Confess

Hoover, Colleen – It Ends With Us

Hoover, Colleen – Maybe Someday

Hoover, Colleen – Never Never

Hoover, Colleen – Never Never Part Three

Hoover, Colleen – Ugly Love

Hoover, Colleen – Without Merit

Jewell, Lisa – I Found You

Jio, Sarah – Always

Jio, Sarah – Goodnight June

Jio, Sarah – The Last Camellia

Jio, Sarah – The Look of Love

Kaufman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay – Illuminae

Keeland, Vi – Bossman

Kendrick, Beth – Once Upon a Wine

Keyes, Julianna – Undecided

King, Tiffany – Misunderstandings

Kurtagich, Dawn – The Dead House

Lauren, Christina – Beautiful

Lauren, Christina – Beautiful Secret

Lauren, Christina – Beautiful Stranger

Lauren, Christina – Sweet Filthy Boy

Lovelace, Sharla – Don’t Let Go

Lukavics, Amy – Daughters unto Devils

McGuire, Jamie – Beautiful Oblivion

McGuire, Jamie – Happenstance

McKenna, Cara – Hard Time

Miranda, Megan – All the Missing Girls

Miranda, Megan – The Perfect Stranger

Morgan, Sarah – Christmas Ever After

Morgan, Sarah – Miracle on 5th Avenue

Moriarty, Liane – Big Little Lies

Moriarty, Liane – The Husband’s Secret

Oakley, Colleen – Before I Go

Oakley, Colleen – Close Enough to Touch

Paris, BA – Behind Closed Doors

Perkins, Stephanie – Isla and the Happily Ever After

Pinborough, Sarah – Behind Her Eyes

Reid, Iain – I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Reid, Taylor Jenkins – After I Do

Reid, Taylor Jenkins – Forever, Interrupted

Reid, Taylor Jenkins – Maybe in Another Life

Reid, Taylor Jenkins – One True Loves

Reid, Taylor Jenkins – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Reynard, Sylvain – The Raven

Reynard, Sylvain – The Shadow

Rowell, Rainbow – Eleanor & Park

Rowell, Rainbow – Fangirl

Rowell, Rainbow – Landline

Ryan, Kendall – Filthy Beautiful Lies

Ryan, Kendall – Filthy Beautiful Love

Ryan, Kendall – When I Surrender

Sepetys, Ruta – Salt to the Sea

Sheridan, Mia – Grayson’s Vow

Slaughter, Karin – Pretty Girls

Stone, Tamara Ireland – Every Last Word

Thorne, Sally – The Hating Game

Tucker, K. A. – He Will Be My Ruin

Ware, Ruth – The Woman in Cabin 10

Weiner, Jennifer – Who Do You Love

Young, Samantha – Hero

Young, Suzanne – All in Pieces

Mini Reviews:

Mini Reviews {1}


Short and Tweet Reviews:

Abbott, Rachel – Sleep Tight

Bell, David – Somebody I Used To Know

Bennett, Sawyer – Uncivilized

Coben, Harlan – The Stranger

Crownover, Jay – Better When He’s Bad

Crownover, Jay – Nash

Day, Sylvia – Captivated by You

Demetrios, Heather – I’ll Meet You There

Florand, Laura – The Chocolate Thief

Garcia Williams, Whitney – Reasonable Doubt

Garvis Graves, Tracey – Every Time I Think of You

Haas, Abigail – Dangerous Girls

Harmel, Kristin – The Life Intended

Harrington, K.A. – Forget Me

Higginson, Rachel – The Five Stages of Falling in Love

Hoover, Colleen – Maybe Not

Jio, Sarah – Blackberry Winter

Jio, Sarah – Morning Glory

Jio, Sarah – The Violets of March

Lane, Nina – Arouse

Lockhart, E. – We Were Liars

Maas, Sarah J. – A Court of Thorns and Roses

McBeth, Colette – Precious Thing

McNear, Mary – Up at Butternut Lake

Meyers, Randy Susan – Accidents of Marriage

Paradis, Lily – Volition

Quinn, Cari – No Promises Required

Ryan, Kendall – Filthy Beautiful Forever

Ryan, Kendall – Filthy Beautiful Lust

Ryan, Kendall – When We Fall

Scott, Jessica – All I Want for Christmas is You

Scott, Kylie – Lick

Torre, Alessandra – Black Lies

Ward, J.R. – Dark Lover

White, Kate – The Wrong Man


Babes and Books Reviews:

Confess by Colleen Hoover

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