{Happy Monday} 3-26-18

Just a fun way to share my thoughts and recap our weekend shenanigans.

Spring Break. We’re officially on Spring Break, and it was nice to sleep in a little this morning and not have to wake Sunnie up early to get ready for school. I have to work today and Wednesday in the office, so Sunnie will be with my parents. I am planning on taking her to the movies on Thursday (she wants to see Sherlock Gnomes), and she wants to have a friend over to play on Friday. Unfortunately, the weather this week is not going to cooperate enough to do anything fun outside.

Happy Bookworm. I’ve been extremely fortunate enough to participate in every Colleen Hoover blog tour, but every time I sign up, I’m always worried this will be the one time they turn me down. Then I got the email on Friday night with the Netgalley copy of All Your Perfects, and I was so excited! Of course I had to start it immediately…there’s no way I can have a new CoHo book on my Kindle and not read it. I am over halfway through, and it’s classic Colleen – full of angst and heartache, and it’s SO GOOD.

Grateful For. A flexible job that allows me to be home with Sunnie most of this week. I know my parents would love to watch her every day, but I am grateful that I can arrange my schedule to be able to spend a few days at home.

Enjoyed. It was a busy, but fun weekend. We went out for dinner on Friday night and tried a new Mexican restaurant. Saturday was busy with dance practice, running errands and catching up on laundry. Sunday I was able to get in a long run in the morning before going to my best friend’s house to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. When we got home from the party, we colored Easter eggs and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

Looking Forward To. Spending some extra time with Sunnie this week. And getting to sleep in later all week. 😉

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{Happy Monday} 2-12-18

Just a fun way to share my thoughts and recap our weekend shenanigans.

Goodbye Weekend. Friday night Sunnie had a sleepover at a friends house, so Nunz and I went out to dinner and stopped to have a few drinks, still managing to be home by 8:00. I then fell asleep on the couch, because apparently I’m a 90 year old woman. 😀 Saturday and Sunday were typical days – cleaning, dance practice, and resting up for the week. Although the weekends go so fast, at least the sun is out today, and the weather is warming up this week. I’m hoping the rain holds off long enough to run outside a few days.

Dance Dance. First competition is this Saturday. We have the schedule – Sunnie will be in 5 routines from 8 am until 1 pm. We have to be there (with make up and hair done) by 7 am, and will have to stay until after 5 pm, because of the later awards ceremony. I’m thankful this first venue is only 45 minutes from home. Sunnie is really excited, and as it gets closer, I’ll be the one who’s a nervous wreck. 😉

Grateful For. A husband that cooks. Nunz found this Bacon Ranch Chicken recipe online and made it over the weekend. New favorite meal.

Enjoyed. Reading Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I’m not much of a nonfiction reader, but I really loved this book.

Looking Forward To. Amy Harmon’s new book, The Smallest Part, releases tomorrow. This is my most anticipated book of the year, so you can imagine how excited I am to read it.

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{Happy Monday} 2-5-18

Just a fun way to share my thoughts and recap our weekend shenanigans.

Busy Weekend.  Yesterday felt like a whirlwind. We spent a good portion of the day at dance dress rehearsals, and came home and rushed around to make a bunch of food to snack on for the Super Bowl. Because, the Super Bowl is more fun to watch while eating food, right? I was so glad the Eagles beat the Pats – it was a very entertaining game, and I loved JT’s halftime show. And Pink killed it on the National Anthem – love her.

Social Media. So much negativity and people complaining all.the.time on social media. I have hit my limit. I deleted Twitter off my phone. Also, Snapchat, because I rarely use it. I only use Facebook on occasion – it’s mainly to stay in touch with family out of town, and it’s how the dance studio communicates with parents. The two sites I spend the most time on are Instagram and Goodreads. I said at the beginning of the year that one of my goals was to spend less time on my phone, and I’m determined to stick with it.

Grateful For. Today it’s coffee. Give me all the coffee. I am so tired.

Enjoyed. Watching Sunnie dance yesterday. So proud of how hard she works, and love seeing her do something she loves so much.

Looking Forward To. Being a parent helper in Sunnie’s classroom tomorrow morning. It’s the 101st day of school, and they’re having a 101 Dalmatian’s themed day. I love when I get the chance to help in her class and have lunch with her.

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{Happy Monday} 1-29-18

Just a fun way to share my thoughts and recap our weekend shenanigans.

Painting.  My husband painted our bedroom on Saturday, and while he did that, I painted the hallway (between bedrooms). The only room on the main floor left to paint is Sunnie’s room, which we plan to paint in the next few weeks. I then spent some time cleaning and re-organizing all the built-in bookshelves in my bedroom on Saturday night.

Dance. Practices are starting to get more intense, and we have a dress rehearsal this upcoming weekend. I ended up buying a rolling suitcase with a clothes rack just to make my life easier during competitions, since Sunnie will have 5 costume changes. I’m getting really excited to see her perform on stage!

Grateful For. My husband working so hard this weekend with the painting, and he started digging up our flowerbeds to get them prepped for new stone.

Enjoyed. We ate at Texas Roadhouse again, on Saturday night. I ate way too much, but it was so worth it. I also finished two books this weekend! And, I got to run at the park on Sunday.

Looking Forward To. Our new living room furniture is finally being delivered this week. It’s been weeks since we ordered it – can’t wait to finally toss the old couch that my sweet little kitties have destroyed. 😀

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{Happy Monday} 1-22-18

Just a fun way to share my thoughts and recap our weekend shenanigans.

Spring Fever.  I hadn’t really planned to do much this weekend, but I ended up organizing closets and purging stuff to take to Goodwill. I think it was the weather warming up some that gave me a little bit of spring fever. I know we haven’t seen the last of the cold and snow, unfortunately.

Reading Slump. In between cleaning and organizing, I was either sucked into watching reruns of The Office or watching football. I didn’t really feel like reading, and when I did pick up my book, I couldn’t concentrate on it. Whatever slump this is, I hope it goes away soon.

Grateful For. Having my happy girl back! After being on antibiotics for a few days, Sunnie is finally feeling better and had a lot more energy this weekend.

Enjoyed. We received a gift card to Texas Roadhouse from my in laws for Christmas, and finally used it a few days ago. With their insanely delicious rolls, cheese fries, steak and sangria…I could eat there every weekend!

Looking Forward To. Painting our bedroom this weekend. I don’t love to paint, but it’ll be worth it!

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