{Friday Five} 5-4-18

Here are 5 things giving me joy this week.


{Cheers to Another Year}

Today I’m another year older (37), but I feel the youngest I’ve ever felt. I’m definitely healthier and happier than I was in my 20’s, and I’m so grateful for another year of life.

Tonight my husband and daughter will take me to eat Mexican (all I want is chicken fajitas and a margarita for my birthday). I’m looking forward to celebrating with them.


{Rainy Days and Family Time}

On Sunday it was a lazy, rainy day, and we had zero plans, so we decided to go to our favorite place to eat breakfast.



This was definitely one of the big highlights of my week. It’s a huge accomplishment for me, and I’m so happy I did it.


 {Good Books}

I did participate in Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon a little bit on Saturday, but not as much as I would’ve liked. Bout of Books is around the corner, and I think I’m going to sign up. I have been reading some great books the past week, first finishing The Heart’s Invisible Furies, and now reading (on audio) Dancing on Broken Glass. I love when I have back-to-back amazing books!

Reading on Saturday, after the race, when I couldn’t move from the couch. 😉



In the 20 years I’ve been working at the same company, I am fortunate to have so many wonderful friendships. One of them being my best friend, and though she left the company a few years ago, we make sure to talk to each other almost daily and make time to get together as often as possible. I was lucky enough to meet her for lunch yesterday, and she spoiled me with some adorable birthday gifts. She gets me and my love for my cats.


Hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


{Friday Five} 4-27-18

Here are 5 things giving me joy this week.



The weather has FINALLY turned for the better. We have spent as much time as we can soaking in the much needed sunshine.

Our friends also gave us this sweet outdoor chair thing that’s more like a couch, and I never want to get up once I’m on it. 😀

My summer wine cup has made it’s reappearance.



Last Friday I volunteered as a parent helper for Sunnie’s class trip to the bowling alley. The kids had so much fun, and I love being able to be there for her different class trips and parties.



Yesterday was my final day of training before the race on Sunday. I’m nervous and excited and hope I do well. I just hope to finish it! Although I’m relieved training is done and I can go back to running however long I want, it was fun to follow a program and see it all the way through to the end.



I have seriously been missing out. Audio books are my new favorite thing, and using Overdrive has changed my life. I love listening to books while I work and clean and drive and workout. I wish I’d tried it sooner. It also helps that I finally invested in some wireless headphones. I used to think I didn’t have the time to fit audio books into my day, but I’ve learned the past week that just isn’t true. I’ve managed to find enough time here and there that I’ve already finished 2 books, and I’m halfway through my 3rd.


On a side note, who’s participating in the Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon tomorrow? I have decided to join in for as much as I can. I have zero plans all day, so it shouldn’t be hard for me to carve out a little time to read. I won’t be able to do the full 24 hours, but if I can read for a few hours and finish a book, I’ll be happy! Let me know if you’re joining in!



Another thing I’ve been missing out on, and I’m kicking myself for putting it off. I actually got an Instant Pot for Christmas from my in-laws, and it has been sitting in the box untouched for 4 months. I had convinced myself that it was complicated, and I wasn’t in the mood to figure it out, even though I specifically asked for one for Christmas! I’ve been feeling so lazy about meals and making dinner. Finally over the weekend I got the thing out of the closet and was determined to try it. And I’m in love with it! It isn’t complicated at all, and it does make life so much easier. I have used it twice this week, and both meals were delicious. One of the meals was something I usually make on the stove, and it takes forever, and makes a giant mess, too. It ended up taking way less time in the Instant Pot, with less mess, and it tasted way better than when I make it on the stove. My husband, who was extremely skeptical of the thing from day one, even agrees that it is pretty sweet. Now I’m working on finding as many recipes as I can and using it at least 2-3 times a week.


Hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


{Friday Five} 3-23-18

It’s been awhile since I did a Friday post, and I’m trying to get back some of my blogging mojo. My friend Stephanie shared her March Joys today, and I’ve decided to join in the fun.

Here are 5 things giving me joy this month.



We’re done with 2 out of 3 dance competitions for the year. I love seeing Sunnie on stage doing what she does best. Dancing and throwing out the sass. 😉

These are from her two hip hop routines, which are her favorite routines (mine too).


I’ve always been a bit of a minimalist, with my OCD and aversion to clutter. I go through my house at least twice a year and throw stuff out. Lately I’ve been really fascinated with reading blogs and books on the subject. Two books I’ve recently purchased – The More of Less and The Year of Less. I also did a complete clear-out of my closet and got rid of a lot of clothes, putting myself on a clothes buying ban for awhile. I’m determined to mix and match what I have and NOT buy anything new. Once I cleared out my side of the closet, my husband got a lot more space (used to be about 90/10 and now it’s more like 60/40, lol).


{running anniversary}

This month I celebrated 3 years since I started running. I love it, and I hope that never changes. 37 days away from my first half marathon. Every weekend I’m adding mileage to my runs and running longer than I’ve ever run before.


 {Books worth buying}

When you read a book on your Kindle, and it’s so inspiring that you buy the hardback copy too.



I’m looking forward to spring break next week, spending more time with Sunnie, and hopefully having warmer temperatures. Even though I’ve been struggling with some winter blues and a serious lack of Vitamin D, I have so much to be grateful for…

a clean house, sunshine coming through the window of my favorite room, my healthy and happy family, a job that I love, the fact that today is Friday and we’re going out for Mexican food tonight 🙂


Hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


{Friday Five} 2-16-18


I am reading The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon, and I’m loving it so much. My evenings have been busy, so I’m not as far into the book as I’d like to be. The only reading time I’ve had all week is when I’m on the treadmill. I’m hoping to make some time to relax and read on Sunday.

When I was able to sit down and read a little bit on Tuesday – with the Amy Harmon mug I won in a giveaway.



Tonight I need to do grocery shopping, laundry and get everything ready for the dance competition tomorrow. Honestly, I’m more nervous about tomorrow than Sunnie. I keep worrying I’m going to forget to take something, like one of her costumes. I’m super organized, but this first competition has me wound up. And of course I want Sunnie to have fun and enjoy the experience.



I’ve had to move around my training days a bit this week, because of my work schedule and needing to be in the office several days. Looking forward to my long run on Sunday. I’ll especially need it after the next few days.



Target strikes again, but it was under $15!

A New Day Long Sleeve Plaid

And I love this camo sweatshirt I found on Amazon.




Hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!

{Friday Five} 2-9-18

{This Week in Books}

I am reading these two books and loving them.

Excited about a few new books I got this week.



{Stay the Path}

Week 4 of half marathon training. Ran 5 miles last Sunday, which was the longest I’ve run in about a year. I was really nervous about my hamstring, but I have learned to slow down my pace so I don’t overdo it. I’m also wearing a wrap around my leg when I run, which I think is helping. Another 5 miler this weekend, and then next week it increases again.


{On a Personal Note}

This week has been fairly normal. I was fortunate to be a parent helper in Sunnie’s classroom on Tuesday, and was able to have lunch with her. We had a snow day on Wednesday, and we’re supposed to get hit with more snow today. Sunnie has a play date/sleepover with two of her dance friends tonight. Nunz and I will go grab some dinner, but we don’t have much else planned. Depending on how much snow we get, I don’t plan on going out this weekend unless it’s absolutely necessary.


 {Get in my Closet}

My bestie told me about these jeggings from Old Navy. I LOVE them.

Super Soft Pull On Jeggings


{So Random}

I know not everyone is a fan of JT, but I’ve been a fan of his music for many years. I am absolutely loving Man of the Woods. Every single song.


Hope you all had a great week!